The Touch of Prophecy

Session 25
Decisions, Decisions

We have continued on our journey towards Six Kings. We reached the Orien trade road and decided to cross it and head overland towards Six Kings instead of following the road. After a time, we came to an ancient road from the time of the Dakanni. There was an ancient guide post which Shaelyn has said points towards Six Kings toward the south. The road is nothing more than a trail now, but still – it is something to follow. The road has led us to the mountains and soon, the road has become a trail that abutts the mountain and falls aways to a stream. Ahead on the road, we have heard voices. A moment to listen has revealed that they are thugs attempting to question a goblin about where Six Kings is. We could not allow that to stand. Ukko and Ga’za’rakh approached them and the rest of us hid in the woods. They immediately reacted poorly to their presence and attacked them. There was some humorous banter here regarding the archer being “food” but my journaling skills cannot do it justice. A fight ensued.

The fight was short – several archers and two marshals. They fell quickly and easily – I have taken an archer prisoner, but he doesn’t seem to have any information for us. I will let him go after a short time. The goblin revealed himself. After some brusque questions from Ukko, he revealed that several groups of Emerald Claw were looking for Six Kings. He himself was coming from a pilgrimage from Six Kings where he gazed upon the kings to seek their approval. The goblin is an efficient liar – Shaelyn has puzzled out that he has in fact been to Riverweep. Perhaps as a seeker of the ashen crown. Ga’za’rakh had a long discussion with him about honor and the past. I assume it is something to do with the Dakani empire, but in reality, I’m not sure why he has suddenly become ‘friendly’. His name is Govann and he has given us an amulet that we might share with him or his people when we meet them again, so that we don’t attack each other. We seek the same goal apparently.

We have given the prisoner to Govann to escort out of Droaam. I suspect he will fall off a cliff on the way out of the mountains. I suspect this because Govann suggested this to me personally. We have looted the Claw members and took information from the prisoner before we sent him off with Govann. He has given us information about the forces that lay ahead.

We have moved on and approached to within 1/2 hour of where we believe the camp of the Emerald Claw. We will sneak up closer to the camp and then Ga’za’rakh will fly over the camp and give us information about what he can see. From his description, we made a plan to approach the camp from silence. We were partially successful but the necromancer noticed us and opened the fray. Fight ensued. Again the fight went well for us and the large group of Emerald Claw dwindled quickly with little damage on our part. We have saved the Captain and one of the marshalls so that we can question them. During the battle, the marshall and the captain seemed to recognize Shaelyn, referring to her as the Bride that ran away.

So for the travel so far, we have: Summoned Plate mail +2, halberd, 4 suits of scale, 6 suits of chain mail, 10 heavy shields, 10 flails, 6 leather armor, 6 short sword, 6 short bows, 55 arrows, Gold bracelet with 3 emeralds (250gp), 3 potion vials (Healing-2,Elixir of Will), 2 Fire Arrows, leather headband with small clear gem (headband of perception), ruby gem with eye in the center (Watchful Eye of Warding). 200 gp, Food for 130 days. So, I will hand out 40 gp per person and then (if we can carry all of this out of the mountains) I will sell off the materials.

Session 24
The Road to Droaam

From Xandrar we will be travelling across the river back into the Eldeen Reaches. We must acquire new papers to do so, but that is little problem. From there we will take the road towards Droaam. We will pass Erlaskar, Greenblade & Sylbaran – two of these being major outposts within Eldeen.

Ukko has given me 5 gold to pay for his lodging. I will make note of it as it diminishes so I will know when to ask him for more. We have travelled for several days, having passed through the towns that I have mentioned. Upon the road from Greenblade to Sylbaran we have encountered a wagon being led by two humans from House Deneith and dwarves from House Kundarak. They were apparently prison wagons travelling north towards Greenblade. We had no business with them so we cleared the road at their request. Xantumal seemed somewhat put out by having to clear the road – as if he would have dueled them for the right to stay on the road. Curious. We have found a camp for the night between the two towns. I will take the first watch and Ukko will take the second. Xantumal will take the third watch after attepting to force a 4 hour watch schedule on Ukko. I have stood my ground and taken the watch – he has presumed that he and Ukko, being men of the military, need less sleep than anyone else. I believe it is just male bravado.

We have reached Sylbaran by then end of day 3. There is a larger number of orcs and gobinoids here, and it has more stone architecture than the other towns we’ve seen so far. Shaelyn was kind enough to join me in seeking out information about any airships that may have passed by here. There was one airship that headed south about 6 days ago. It matches up with the time line we have in mind for Demise’s journey. They also saw it head north as well – again within the timeline we expect. We have taken a room in an inn for 7 silver again. The next day we passed through the gates on the southern side of the town. They have warned us that we were travelling into Droaam and we will be eaten, but I have paid them no heed. We approached a similar gate into Droaam where we were charged 3 gp each (2 per person, 1 per mount). We will head towards Graywall and then skirt the city to the south east towards Six Kings.

On our way, we have encountered a fire of some sort. It appears to be a wagon that has been pillaged. The pillaging group was a minotaur, several orcs and two gnolls. They challenged us and demanded that we pay a toll of 50 gold coins each. Of course, this angered the monstrous members of the party and Ga’za’rakh choose to challenge them. As expected, a fight ensued.

Gathered from the Minotaur’s band: Heavy Shield, Hide Armor, Battleaxe, Chain mail, light shield, kopesh, totem, battleaxe, longbow, 3 great axes, 6 hand axes, 407 sp, 53 gp, bracelet, necklace, small ivory box (dragon skull – 5 small gems (100gp each)), 3 small barrels (spices). We don’t know if they are magical or not. We will pack it all up and check again later. We have later discovered the Hide, the Totem and some gauntlets were magical. The Gauntlets are Gauntlets of Blood. The gauntlets bleed into demonic patterns. I wish these gauntlets to be destroyed. Such demonic influence is dangerous and should be removed from the world – it can only aid in the changing of the cycle. I wager that Xantumal will oppose me on this matter – but Ga’za’rakh seems to be handling the situation quite well. He has transferred the enchantment out of the gauntlets into another set of them. Because the demonic images did not reappear, I will not push the matter further.

We have seen the fortress of Turakbar off to the west, from there we will travel southeast, towards Six Kings. We camped in the wilds. Ga’za’rakh is performing some sort of ritual on the Blade of Ashurtah to look into its past. He has seen images of it being broken as well as being forged to fend off great horde of something. I didn’t catch exactly what. I’m sure he will clarify it at some point. I will sleep now, while the others watch. In the morning, I will give everyone 81 sp and 10 gp. (83 sp and 13 gold for me with 2 sp and 3 gp for party treasure). I have given Xantumal one of the gems because he demanded it. The others, I will sell for coin.

Also, Ukko has had some sort of vision from the primal spirits that say he should return to his village in the mountains. We must decide whether to head to Six Kings or to Greywall (city not the outpost) based on what we can detect from the blade. The Blade has show Ga’za’rakh that the blade’s job is not to detect the others. The Circlet’s job is. He believes the blade has told him that it is south – which is Six Kings.

Session 23
Devourer's Hunger

We have retreated and rested a moment to allow Shaelyn to transfer some of Ga’za’rakh’s reserves to Ukko. I have thrown the switch again and the water in the room beyond has begun to lower. Beyond that room another door leaves in the opposite direction. The amulet that I am carrying has suddenly come to life and has a great anticipation for whatever is behind that door. We briefly debated casting a Disenchant ritual upon it to gain the residuum. However, Ukko has heard a ritual happening behind the door so we had to take action immediately. Ukko suggested he break it and I agreed and held the amulet to the ground. Ukko smashed the object and the anticipation I felt has stopped. We rushed into the room beyond to discover a group of the snake people performing a ritual. We immediately set upon them to stop the ritual. Destiny has forced me to reserve my power from before so I could use it now. It is fortunate, for my power was instrumental in the defeat of the ritualist as well as fending off the huge crocodile that he called forth to try to eat us.

It was not to be, however. Ukko was swallowed by the creature, but we managed to continue to strike it with raw power and he was eventually able to cut his way out. I have searched the head ritualists and found a number of things. 210 gp, a wand of Phantom Bolt, an Elixir of Dragonbreath (Lightning), a rolled up scroll that is written in the language from the first room – fortunately Ga’za’rahk’s ritual allowed him to read the letter.

The letter speaks of these serpent people traveling to this place on the back of the Alligator to awaken the Stormhorn who will join the Conqueror to awaken the glory of Vor Rekoth for the glory of the 5 horned lady. Stormhorn is the statue in this room – a snake man petrified for many, many years. The Conquerer could be anyone, but we suspect it is a figure from history long lost. Vor Rekoth – no one seemed to know details about. The 5 Horned Lady is a godling named Tiamat – a raja, worshipped by the demon rakshasa.

Xantumal has had some crisis of personal faith – Shaelyn has looked at his scars and told him that he is old and has some sort of markings of many of the gods – Dol Arrah, Onatar, the Traveller and the Devourer. Apparently there are a number of beings within him fighting for supremacy. When he is close to things related to those beings, they tend to come out and exert themselves, however briefly.

I have gone up to the highest point I can find and signaled the ship with one of the torches and the ship is coming towards us. We have boarded the longship and headed out to the ship. The captain has thanked us for our service and I have asked him for a discount on our travel. He has refunded our travel fees. I will hand out the money – everyone is to receive 56 gold pieces.

I will explore Shana’s dreams tonight. I hope that she has some memory of the creatures we have met within the temple. Upon waking, I have fragments of memory of a place of hellish imagery. Black glass towers, skies of fire, etc. Also, there were creatures of draconic origin, lizard-like or dragon-like in nature, though humanoid. They were slaves and she delivered to them nightmares of crushed hope of never escaping. To me it felt as if these dreams were given before recorded history.

The next day we arrived in Xandrar, in Breland. The place is a much different city from Varne, dirtier and more crowded. We will stay within the walls at an inn called the Honeypot. Then I will head to the west to sell the greatswords and then attempt to acquire travel to Droam. We paid 5 silver for rooms (and 3 silver for an extra bed for Ukko). In the morning, I will sell the swords, and then seek out a ship to take us to Droam.

Session 22
Mists of Avarice

In the morning we arise to make our way on the next leg of our journey. We have hired a ship to take us across Lake Galifar – 3 gold per person and 1 gold per horse. The weather has been lovely for traveling. I have purchased papers to enter both Breland and Droam to make the journey easier. The usual traveling problems solved with a few coins.

We have departed the docks without much ado. The captain has asked us to wait below until they have pulled away so that we don’t get in the way. No one seemed perturbed by this idea, thankfully. Once we were safely at “sea”, we were allowed to come up on deck. The day is bright and pleasant. On the second day of our trip, the weather turned against us. A storm has blown in and we are being pushed toward an island that is covered in an unnatural mist. We had heard rumor of this island while we were in Varne. Shaelyn detected the mist has some sort of protective property to it, some ability to stop or slow time and it is unraveling. Ukko has detected a hunger from the island, the spirits hunger for something. The mist has engulfed the ship and all the wind has stopped, and so the boat is trapped.

We have decided to use the small boat and travel to the island, which seems to have invited us by revealing a large keep or fortress upon the cliffs. The captain has agreed to wait for us, not that he had much choice in the matter. When we reached the shore, we found a boat from which came several tracks. The tracks seemed to be of reptilian creatures -several smaller ones and two larger ones. One apparently had a serpentine body. There were also several individuals that wore boots – humans? After we found the temple, we discovered what the creatures were – serpentine humanoids, scaly skin and ridges along their skulls. They had no tails, however, so they were not lizard folk. They were apparently worshipers of the Devourer, one of the Six. One of them had spoken to me mentally when I scolded him for hissing at me. We fought one battle where the serpent men were able to call forth their god’s power to heal and strengthen them. One of the creatures threw a lever which caused some sort of rushing sound beyond the door. They all

In the next room, there were several snakes in a room filled with water. Two of them were flame snakes and two of them were constrictors. The battle went poorly – I was barely able to strike the beasts but 4 times in the course of the battle. My lack of talent (Destiny did not want me to steal Ukko’s thunder) prolonged the battle but we were eventually victorious. There is apparently some sort of beast lurking below the room which rises up to attack things that swim over its pit. We will avoid the pit as we go deeper into the temple. We must remember to search the serpent men in the first room before we go much further.

Session 21
Savagery of Artifice

The warforged titan has attacked us. After a collosal battle, the creature was finally defeated. Its blade and maul were devastating in addition to the creature releasing two other combantants from his body. The battle was furiously fought, but we were successful. Shaelyn showed off some interesting new abilities to stream her blood to her allies and heal them. Somewhat morbid, but useful. Lord Brevik joined the battle to command his troops and they fought valiantly. He is Karnathy.

Apparently one of the rods that controlled the barrier containing the titan was tampered with. Dimitry, the artificer in charge of the barrier has been assigned to repair it. He has spoken with Ga’za’rakh at great length regarding the problem as well as the history of the titan itself. We will be speaking with Lord Brevik regarding Ukko’s contract.

After a good conversation with Lord Brevik, he has brought Ukko’s contract to a premature conclusion, stating that his service has been the equivalent to a much longer time for a standard soldier. So, he is now free of his contract and we have asked him to join us in our quest.

We have also informed Lord Brevik of Ga’za’rakh’s suspicion of Ivan, the Lord’s secretary. His animosity, the motive and his access to the Lord’s schedule makes him an excellent candidate for the perpetrator.

Session 20
The Big City

We are questioning the Lieutenant (his name and Warrick) about various subjects. To be honest, I’m not sure where this conversation is going. It seems like we want to know information about Lady Danae, but we are now seeming almost to be trying to redeem this soldier. It occurs to me that he is a soldier and will not turn against his order. He has already said he is a knight. Lady Danae, however, he does not like. I would wager that he hates her. He is unrevealing at best. My suggestion is to ask where Lady Danae is headed. Perhaps he will answer. His captain is apparently to the south. It would normally have taken the group of them 3 weeks to reach the captain. The scout can perhaps reach them in half of that time.

I have made arrangements to travel to Varne to speak with Lord Brevik. The barge trip will cost 8 galifars for all of us and horses should we acquire them. We are travelling on the morning.

By morning we have set off on the barge with horses for all. The accomodations are sparse and fine for our needs. By evening, the barge has stopped in Redleaf where we will have dinner. Fortunately the dinner went without violence and we have returned to the Barge. The next afternoon, the barge has dropped us in Varne. It is a large city of many people. We headed directly to the House Deneith compound where we made an appointment with the Lord Brevik to speak with him at dinner time. For the time being we will wait at the Stag’s Run, a pleasant tavern run by a matronly woman who seems to have the need to speak with us at length. I have played a few games of knives with the locals and learned that the airship carrying Demise passed through a couple of days earlier. They did not stop for any great length of time. Also, there has been a strange ruin discovered in the middle of the lake surrounded in mists.

Passage to the far side of the lake will cost 2 gp per person, plus 1 gp per horse. The passage would take 3 days – it is a very large lake. We have taken rooms in the Stag’s Glade, an inn down the road from the Stag’s Run. I have changed to appropriate attire for meeting with Lord Brevik and we are heading to the compound. When we arrived in the compound, the Warforged Titan that is being stored there decided that he must kill Ukko. It has charged us to attack us and . . .

Session 19
Another Seeker

Shaelyn has asked me to attend to her because she has discovered a new problem. A group of Karnathi have moved into the forest. They were seeking the Tomb of Ashurta and anything that might lie within. She has taken us to their camp under the guise of a more “suspect” member of her order (the Blood of Vol). We have spoken with the Lieutenant and he seems unwilling to be turned from his path. We have arranged to have his scout meet with us at 2 hours past midnight to take him or her into the tomb and show her it has been looted. We will discuss the matter with the Reeve.

The Lady Danae has offered to buy the Blade of Ashurta for a pittance of 7500 gp. We have declined and she almost left. However, Ga’za’rakh engaged her in conversation and she stayed for a while to discuss ancestral memory. She offered to pay our way in search of the rest of the Ashen Crown. She left without a response, but the response will be ‘no’.

We have decided to go to the villa to have dinner with Lady Danae to make sure she knew our answer was no. Upon entering we were not greeted with a fine meal, but rather a putrescent zombie horde and a wight. A fight ensued and we slew them. The zombie bodies were all apparently elves of Aerenal – their faces were tattooed with skulls. The wight was dressed as in the professor’s clothes, including her amulet.

We have searched the place for evidence of who these undead are – we found a memory shard in the Professor’s bed, hidden quickly perhaps before the room was ransacked. The Lady’s chamber was only made to look like it had been searched, but wasn’t really. There is a magical cooling box in one part of the house as well. The decadence of the Houses in physical form. We are reading the journal now to see if there is any information that might be useful.

Here is a brief recap of what I have scanned in the journal – several entries of a mundane nature. She made an entry in response to the letter from Morgos about us. She made an entry for Lady Danae offering to fund her trip. She made an entry about the information she gave us about the pieces of the Crown, detailed information about the crown and its powers. Finally, she made reference to Undead being at the door, Danae is Demise and Why are the Emerald Claw are involved?

Two more pieces of information I must note – Demise is a necromancer in league with the Emerald Claw and the Blood of Vol. Staff of Ruin – Demise was investigating/researching the properties of something that called upon the power of the grave to weaken and slow her enemies. These pieces come from one of the other members of the party, but I don’t recall which.

We have met with the Reeve and we are going to hunt down the Karnathi in the woods since they are with the Emerald Claw. We went with several of the reeves scouts and stealthily approached their party. After a brief battle, we felled all but one of them. One of the scouts got away. We have captured the Lieutenant and brought him back to the keep for questioning. And we have delivered the warhorse to the House Vadalis compound so that they may change its ways.

Session 18
Emotional Changes

So, there we stood in the presence of Karulia – a purple dragon. This sounds more emotionally charged than I wish to make it seem. I shall resume my simple discourse of factual evidence combined with logical reasoning. Karulia is apparently interested in observing and manipulating the threads of the prophecy. She is aware that we are all touched by that prophecy. She has knowledge of a particular creature from the realm of Dal’kyr which apparently struggles against it’s prison. She is one that struggles against is getting released. Though, she apparently wants something from us. We are ending our interactions with her and taking Blaze to his lab to retrieve the amulet.

Blaze has retrieved the amulet and dropped it upon the floor. Having picked it up, it attempted to communicate with me. My will is far too strong for it to do so without my permission, however. Xantumal chose to show his affection (or fear of my power turning against him) for me by yelling at me to put the amulet down. I put the amulet down and then picked it up again to prove to him that I was in my own mind. I hung the amulet upon a rack in the lab in order to gain access to it without holding it. By touching it, I was able to listen to the whispering and the only thing I was able to make out was an attempt to offer power if I accept the amulet and wear it. Shaelyn says that the magical aura around the amulet is chaotic and attempting to penetrate my defenses. I will hold the amulet for now, in a pouch, until such time as we feel the need to destroy it. As for Blaze, he will be imprisoned by the Guildmaster and the Reeve.

Life in Riverweep has become remarkably calm now that we have solved these problems. My companions visit me occasionally in my home, but the world turns without great incident. I have taken to meeting my new neighbors and going to the market to purchase food stuffs. I need to practice my domestic abilities, repairing small tears in my clothing, cooking, repairing small holes in the home. That way I can also get in touch with the common people – keeping them as a resource.

Several days later, Shaelyn came to me and asked me to aid her in purchasing Ukko’s contract from the Reeve. Apparently, some Lord Brevik must approve the transfer of Ukko’s contract – which is apparently unusual in this sort of things. I will research the matter so I am prepared to speak with Lord Brevik in Varna.

Shaelyn has performed the ritual Speak with Dead and asked Lord Blacktree the following question: What was your purpose in acquiring the Blade of Ashurta – what was your final plan? Answer “The blade of Bayeshk needs to cut free the bonds of flesh that the Whisperer may walk free on Eberron again. Ashurta’s Blade driven through the Heart of the Living Portal will break the Gatekeepers Seal and free He that has been bound for millenia.”

Apparently Ekud’s body twitched when the Speak with Dead ritual was cast – casting some sort of aspersions on what is done near that body.

An airship has arrived in Riverweep bearing an elven woman (with a skull tatoo on her face) and a half-elven woman – a professor of history from Sharn, Professor Nephret. The professor is a friend of Morgos (the hobgoblin priest) who had written to her to let her know about the Blade of Ashurta. She is working with the skull faced woman who is her benefactor and paid for the airship journey. We are speaking to her at length – hopefully she will provide us with more information about the Crown. For example:

Zerani’s Solitaire – could give him the ability to drive his foes to his knees and fling them back, using it to fling well known enemies off of mountainsides. He was called before the Hobgoblin Lord of Six Kings and sent into the mountains near there. The Professor believes that he may have been laid to rest there.

Lurtan’s Cord – braided mithril and gold, hobgoblin war chanter, protects the wearer from enduring elemental effects. She often wore the cord in contests with other war singers. She led a stand against a beholder and she was able to resist much of the energy that was brought against her, rallying her troops and striking down the beholder. Her husband was the captain of the armies of Six Kings.

A woman named Lady Dannae (the benefactor) came to the door unexpectedly and asked for some of our time. I have dealt with her such that we will meet with her over dinner in the Reeve’s dining room. She gave us 5 platinum, but I have given one to the chancellor to cover the expense and short notice of the dinner. The others I will split among the party – 80 gold pieces each.

Session 17
The Falsehood of Vision

We have spoken with the guildmaster regarding the events that have transpired. He is as confused as we are. We have gone to a guest laboratory to speak because the guildmaster can ward it against intrusion. We have brought Karulia into the conversation as well – though I’m not yet sure why. She is an adept liar, though that doesn’t make her an enemy.

We are interrogating Blaze to find out what his motivations are. He has been working for someone that he calls his “master”. Could this be the same “master” that Ekud spoke of? He met him in his explorations of the Mournland. He was promised the ability to create a Creation Forge so he could birth new members of his race. He was apparently trained in the ways of manipulating his familiar to appear as different things. So, he was the one sending his familiar to the various scenes to harry us. He may also have been the one to tip off the Ashbound druids. He also placed the ward on the door that made us appear as rakshasa to the Guildmaster. In an effort to uncover more truth, Xantumal set out of the room to investigate his lab. Along the way he looked into Karulia’s research. The guildmaster’s familiar (the actual owl in this scenario) alerted us that Xantumal was “having difficulty”. So I left the room to aid him while Shaelyn continued to dance around Karulia and Blaze verbally.

When I arrived in Karulia’s lab, Xantumal was napping on an extremely large bloodthorn vine. And it was looking for another meal. I woke him and burned the vine away from him, but it led to a confrontation with the vine. This short battle (which ended with an exceptional axe throw by Ukko) alerted Karulia to our presence. We continued to search, but she warned us of traps that she had placed. All these things made us believe that Karulia was more than she made herself out to be. I still think she’s a bumbling fool. Xantumal and I continued to search the area, locating a secret passage between Karulia’s lab and Blaze’s lab which was riddled with exteremely dangerous traps. Not only would the traps explode, the would affect the mind in such a way that you would see your companions as enemies. The first one took me by surprise and Xantumal was able to strike me (again – I still owe him for the last one). The consecutive traps did not catch me off guard and we were able to avoid the illusionary effects fairly well. We entered Blaze’s lab, but did not find anything in particular. We later realized that the Amulet he used to communicate with his “master” was in the brazier, but if removed by hands other than his own, it would have summoned fel beasts from the elemental chaos. Not something Xantumal and myself could have handled alone. So we returned to the room to report our findings.

Upon returning Shaelyn was continuing her verbal onslaught and attempting to get Karulia and Blaze to reveal the secrets of the universe. Someone accused Karulia of being a rakshasa which enraged her so much that she transformed into her normal form. Oh, and Karulia is a purple dragon.

A Swift Response
How do you flush one viper out of a nest of them?

The party decided to spread disinformation claiming that the ritual to reverse the bullywug transformation had been successful, to see if this could spur whoever had sabotaged Ga’za’rakh’s research into some kind of reaction that would give them away. Ukko and Xantumal arranged to have the guards who’d been on duty in the prison relieved early, then took them to The Stumbling Giant and bought them drinks, after Sorashana and Shalyn bluffed them into thinking the party had saved the boy after the fight. Meanwhile, Ga’za’rakh wrote a letter intended for delivery to Karrulia in which he said that the ritual had been successful. He went to the guild house to deliver it, but she was apparently not to be found, so he left it with Blaze, the guild master’s secretary. The party then settled in to various positions and vantage points inside the keep to see what happen next.

Roughly an hour later, a very stealthy but familiar-looking owl flew through the open areas of the keep and made it down into the prison areas. Fortunately, Ukko’s sharp hearing caught the nearly silent flight of the owl, and most of the PCs were in the area when the owl flew through the bars of the cell, so they were able to sprng quickly into action when the owl dropped several Khyber shards to the floor of the cell (in which the party had placed the dead body of the Aundairan guardsman), shattering them and releasing the elemental creatures that had been trapped within! The party was able to defeat the creatures — Xantumal’s natural resistance to fire served him well against the creatures composed of lava — but not before they were able to burn the body of the boy to little more than a cinder. Afterward, the party decided that the time had come to confront the guild master, and they were able to convince the reeve of the same.

The reeve led the party to the guild house with a couple of guards in tow, where they made their way swiftly to the top floor and the guild master’s chambers. En route, they saw several tiny sprites, apparently summoned by Karrulia somehow, but they did not allow that to distract them from their mission. Barging into the guild master’s front office, the party saw Blaze at his desk and demanded that he disable the wards on the guild master’s door and let them in. Blaze quietly obeyed and then stood aside as the PCs entered the guild master’s personal office and laboratory.

When the PCs entered, they found the place occupied by a number of constructs, including iron defenders and arbalesters (which immediately turned upon the party), as well as a shield guardian watching over the guild master himself. Guild master Killiran shouted out that the Lords of Dust would never take him alive and then defended himself vigorously, ensorcelling the reeve with some charm that left him senseless and unable to act for several rounds. The PCs pressed the attack, but only Xantumal was able to get into the chamber; sadly, the guild master’s arcane defenses largely thwarted his attacks. The rest of the party fought the constructs and defended the reeve for a few moments until Shalyn shouted out some information about the guild master’s familiar’s “extra-curricular activities”. This gave the guild master pause, whereupon he was able to dispel the illusion that had been placed over group and then exclaim that hd had been duped. Immediately, Blaze cast a spell to daze the two guards the reeve had brought with him and tried to flee, but the party was able to thwart his escape and bring him low fairly easily.


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