The Touch of Prophecy

A Swift Response

How do you flush one viper out of a nest of them?

The party decided to spread disinformation claiming that the ritual to reverse the bullywug transformation had been successful, to see if this could spur whoever had sabotaged Ga’za’rakh’s research into some kind of reaction that would give them away. Ukko and Xantumal arranged to have the guards who’d been on duty in the prison relieved early, then took them to The Stumbling Giant and bought them drinks, after Sorashana and Shalyn bluffed them into thinking the party had saved the boy after the fight. Meanwhile, Ga’za’rakh wrote a letter intended for delivery to Karrulia in which he said that the ritual had been successful. He went to the guild house to deliver it, but she was apparently not to be found, so he left it with Blaze, the guild master’s secretary. The party then settled in to various positions and vantage points inside the keep to see what happen next.

Roughly an hour later, a very stealthy but familiar-looking owl flew through the open areas of the keep and made it down into the prison areas. Fortunately, Ukko’s sharp hearing caught the nearly silent flight of the owl, and most of the PCs were in the area when the owl flew through the bars of the cell, so they were able to sprng quickly into action when the owl dropped several Khyber shards to the floor of the cell (in which the party had placed the dead body of the Aundairan guardsman), shattering them and releasing the elemental creatures that had been trapped within! The party was able to defeat the creatures — Xantumal’s natural resistance to fire served him well against the creatures composed of lava — but not before they were able to burn the body of the boy to little more than a cinder. Afterward, the party decided that the time had come to confront the guild master, and they were able to convince the reeve of the same.

The reeve led the party to the guild house with a couple of guards in tow, where they made their way swiftly to the top floor and the guild master’s chambers. En route, they saw several tiny sprites, apparently summoned by Karrulia somehow, but they did not allow that to distract them from their mission. Barging into the guild master’s front office, the party saw Blaze at his desk and demanded that he disable the wards on the guild master’s door and let them in. Blaze quietly obeyed and then stood aside as the PCs entered the guild master’s personal office and laboratory.

When the PCs entered, they found the place occupied by a number of constructs, including iron defenders and arbalesters (which immediately turned upon the party), as well as a shield guardian watching over the guild master himself. Guild master Killiran shouted out that the Lords of Dust would never take him alive and then defended himself vigorously, ensorcelling the reeve with some charm that left him senseless and unable to act for several rounds. The PCs pressed the attack, but only Xantumal was able to get into the chamber; sadly, the guild master’s arcane defenses largely thwarted his attacks. The rest of the party fought the constructs and defended the reeve for a few moments until Shalyn shouted out some information about the guild master’s familiar’s “extra-curricular activities”. This gave the guild master pause, whereupon he was able to dispel the illusion that had been placed over group and then exclaim that hd had been duped. Immediately, Blaze cast a spell to daze the two guards the reeve had brought with him and tried to flee, but the party was able to thwart his escape and bring him low fairly easily.



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