The Touch of Prophecy

Session 17

The Falsehood of Vision

We have spoken with the guildmaster regarding the events that have transpired. He is as confused as we are. We have gone to a guest laboratory to speak because the guildmaster can ward it against intrusion. We have brought Karulia into the conversation as well – though I’m not yet sure why. She is an adept liar, though that doesn’t make her an enemy.

We are interrogating Blaze to find out what his motivations are. He has been working for someone that he calls his “master”. Could this be the same “master” that Ekud spoke of? He met him in his explorations of the Mournland. He was promised the ability to create a Creation Forge so he could birth new members of his race. He was apparently trained in the ways of manipulating his familiar to appear as different things. So, he was the one sending his familiar to the various scenes to harry us. He may also have been the one to tip off the Ashbound druids. He also placed the ward on the door that made us appear as rakshasa to the Guildmaster. In an effort to uncover more truth, Xantumal set out of the room to investigate his lab. Along the way he looked into Karulia’s research. The guildmaster’s familiar (the actual owl in this scenario) alerted us that Xantumal was “having difficulty”. So I left the room to aid him while Shaelyn continued to dance around Karulia and Blaze verbally.

When I arrived in Karulia’s lab, Xantumal was napping on an extremely large bloodthorn vine. And it was looking for another meal. I woke him and burned the vine away from him, but it led to a confrontation with the vine. This short battle (which ended with an exceptional axe throw by Ukko) alerted Karulia to our presence. We continued to search, but she warned us of traps that she had placed. All these things made us believe that Karulia was more than she made herself out to be. I still think she’s a bumbling fool. Xantumal and I continued to search the area, locating a secret passage between Karulia’s lab and Blaze’s lab which was riddled with exteremely dangerous traps. Not only would the traps explode, the would affect the mind in such a way that you would see your companions as enemies. The first one took me by surprise and Xantumal was able to strike me (again – I still owe him for the last one). The consecutive traps did not catch me off guard and we were able to avoid the illusionary effects fairly well. We entered Blaze’s lab, but did not find anything in particular. We later realized that the Amulet he used to communicate with his “master” was in the brazier, but if removed by hands other than his own, it would have summoned fel beasts from the elemental chaos. Not something Xantumal and myself could have handled alone. So we returned to the room to report our findings.

Upon returning Shaelyn was continuing her verbal onslaught and attempting to get Karulia and Blaze to reveal the secrets of the universe. Someone accused Karulia of being a rakshasa which enraged her so much that she transformed into her normal form. Oh, and Karulia is a purple dragon.



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