The Touch of Prophecy

Session 18

Emotional Changes

So, there we stood in the presence of Karulia – a purple dragon. This sounds more emotionally charged than I wish to make it seem. I shall resume my simple discourse of factual evidence combined with logical reasoning. Karulia is apparently interested in observing and manipulating the threads of the prophecy. She is aware that we are all touched by that prophecy. She has knowledge of a particular creature from the realm of Dal’kyr which apparently struggles against it’s prison. She is one that struggles against is getting released. Though, she apparently wants something from us. We are ending our interactions with her and taking Blaze to his lab to retrieve the amulet.

Blaze has retrieved the amulet and dropped it upon the floor. Having picked it up, it attempted to communicate with me. My will is far too strong for it to do so without my permission, however. Xantumal chose to show his affection (or fear of my power turning against him) for me by yelling at me to put the amulet down. I put the amulet down and then picked it up again to prove to him that I was in my own mind. I hung the amulet upon a rack in the lab in order to gain access to it without holding it. By touching it, I was able to listen to the whispering and the only thing I was able to make out was an attempt to offer power if I accept the amulet and wear it. Shaelyn says that the magical aura around the amulet is chaotic and attempting to penetrate my defenses. I will hold the amulet for now, in a pouch, until such time as we feel the need to destroy it. As for Blaze, he will be imprisoned by the Guildmaster and the Reeve.

Life in Riverweep has become remarkably calm now that we have solved these problems. My companions visit me occasionally in my home, but the world turns without great incident. I have taken to meeting my new neighbors and going to the market to purchase food stuffs. I need to practice my domestic abilities, repairing small tears in my clothing, cooking, repairing small holes in the home. That way I can also get in touch with the common people – keeping them as a resource.

Several days later, Shaelyn came to me and asked me to aid her in purchasing Ukko’s contract from the Reeve. Apparently, some Lord Brevik must approve the transfer of Ukko’s contract – which is apparently unusual in this sort of things. I will research the matter so I am prepared to speak with Lord Brevik in Varna.

Shaelyn has performed the ritual Speak with Dead and asked Lord Blacktree the following question: What was your purpose in acquiring the Blade of Ashurta – what was your final plan? Answer “The blade of Bayeshk needs to cut free the bonds of flesh that the Whisperer may walk free on Eberron again. Ashurta’s Blade driven through the Heart of the Living Portal will break the Gatekeepers Seal and free He that has been bound for millenia.”

Apparently Ekud’s body twitched when the Speak with Dead ritual was cast – casting some sort of aspersions on what is done near that body.

An airship has arrived in Riverweep bearing an elven woman (with a skull tatoo on her face) and a half-elven woman – a professor of history from Sharn, Professor Nephret. The professor is a friend of Morgos (the hobgoblin priest) who had written to her to let her know about the Blade of Ashurta. She is working with the skull faced woman who is her benefactor and paid for the airship journey. We are speaking to her at length – hopefully she will provide us with more information about the Crown. For example:

Zerani’s Solitaire – could give him the ability to drive his foes to his knees and fling them back, using it to fling well known enemies off of mountainsides. He was called before the Hobgoblin Lord of Six Kings and sent into the mountains near there. The Professor believes that he may have been laid to rest there.

Lurtan’s Cord – braided mithril and gold, hobgoblin war chanter, protects the wearer from enduring elemental effects. She often wore the cord in contests with other war singers. She led a stand against a beholder and she was able to resist much of the energy that was brought against her, rallying her troops and striking down the beholder. Her husband was the captain of the armies of Six Kings.

A woman named Lady Dannae (the benefactor) came to the door unexpectedly and asked for some of our time. I have dealt with her such that we will meet with her over dinner in the Reeve’s dining room. She gave us 5 platinum, but I have given one to the chancellor to cover the expense and short notice of the dinner. The others I will split among the party – 80 gold pieces each.



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