The Touch of Prophecy

Session 19

Another Seeker

Shaelyn has asked me to attend to her because she has discovered a new problem. A group of Karnathi have moved into the forest. They were seeking the Tomb of Ashurta and anything that might lie within. She has taken us to their camp under the guise of a more “suspect” member of her order (the Blood of Vol). We have spoken with the Lieutenant and he seems unwilling to be turned from his path. We have arranged to have his scout meet with us at 2 hours past midnight to take him or her into the tomb and show her it has been looted. We will discuss the matter with the Reeve.

The Lady Danae has offered to buy the Blade of Ashurta for a pittance of 7500 gp. We have declined and she almost left. However, Ga’za’rakh engaged her in conversation and she stayed for a while to discuss ancestral memory. She offered to pay our way in search of the rest of the Ashen Crown. She left without a response, but the response will be ‘no’.

We have decided to go to the villa to have dinner with Lady Danae to make sure she knew our answer was no. Upon entering we were not greeted with a fine meal, but rather a putrescent zombie horde and a wight. A fight ensued and we slew them. The zombie bodies were all apparently elves of Aerenal – their faces were tattooed with skulls. The wight was dressed as in the professor’s clothes, including her amulet.

We have searched the place for evidence of who these undead are – we found a memory shard in the Professor’s bed, hidden quickly perhaps before the room was ransacked. The Lady’s chamber was only made to look like it had been searched, but wasn’t really. There is a magical cooling box in one part of the house as well. The decadence of the Houses in physical form. We are reading the journal now to see if there is any information that might be useful.

Here is a brief recap of what I have scanned in the journal – several entries of a mundane nature. She made an entry in response to the letter from Morgos about us. She made an entry for Lady Danae offering to fund her trip. She made an entry about the information she gave us about the pieces of the Crown, detailed information about the crown and its powers. Finally, she made reference to Undead being at the door, Danae is Demise and Why are the Emerald Claw are involved?

Two more pieces of information I must note – Demise is a necromancer in league with the Emerald Claw and the Blood of Vol. Staff of Ruin – Demise was investigating/researching the properties of something that called upon the power of the grave to weaken and slow her enemies. These pieces come from one of the other members of the party, but I don’t recall which.

We have met with the Reeve and we are going to hunt down the Karnathi in the woods since they are with the Emerald Claw. We went with several of the reeves scouts and stealthily approached their party. After a brief battle, we felled all but one of them. One of the scouts got away. We have captured the Lieutenant and brought him back to the keep for questioning. And we have delivered the warhorse to the House Vadalis compound so that they may change its ways.



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