The Touch of Prophecy

Session 20

The Big City

We are questioning the Lieutenant (his name and Warrick) about various subjects. To be honest, I’m not sure where this conversation is going. It seems like we want to know information about Lady Danae, but we are now seeming almost to be trying to redeem this soldier. It occurs to me that he is a soldier and will not turn against his order. He has already said he is a knight. Lady Danae, however, he does not like. I would wager that he hates her. He is unrevealing at best. My suggestion is to ask where Lady Danae is headed. Perhaps he will answer. His captain is apparently to the south. It would normally have taken the group of them 3 weeks to reach the captain. The scout can perhaps reach them in half of that time.

I have made arrangements to travel to Varne to speak with Lord Brevik. The barge trip will cost 8 galifars for all of us and horses should we acquire them. We are travelling on the morning.

By morning we have set off on the barge with horses for all. The accomodations are sparse and fine for our needs. By evening, the barge has stopped in Redleaf where we will have dinner. Fortunately the dinner went without violence and we have returned to the Barge. The next afternoon, the barge has dropped us in Varne. It is a large city of many people. We headed directly to the House Deneith compound where we made an appointment with the Lord Brevik to speak with him at dinner time. For the time being we will wait at the Stag’s Run, a pleasant tavern run by a matronly woman who seems to have the need to speak with us at length. I have played a few games of knives with the locals and learned that the airship carrying Demise passed through a couple of days earlier. They did not stop for any great length of time. Also, there has been a strange ruin discovered in the middle of the lake surrounded in mists.

Passage to the far side of the lake will cost 2 gp per person, plus 1 gp per horse. The passage would take 3 days – it is a very large lake. We have taken rooms in the Stag’s Glade, an inn down the road from the Stag’s Run. I have changed to appropriate attire for meeting with Lord Brevik and we are heading to the compound. When we arrived in the compound, the Warforged Titan that is being stored there decided that he must kill Ukko. It has charged us to attack us and . . .



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