The Touch of Prophecy

Session 21

Savagery of Artifice

The warforged titan has attacked us. After a collosal battle, the creature was finally defeated. Its blade and maul were devastating in addition to the creature releasing two other combantants from his body. The battle was furiously fought, but we were successful. Shaelyn showed off some interesting new abilities to stream her blood to her allies and heal them. Somewhat morbid, but useful. Lord Brevik joined the battle to command his troops and they fought valiantly. He is Karnathy.

Apparently one of the rods that controlled the barrier containing the titan was tampered with. Dimitry, the artificer in charge of the barrier has been assigned to repair it. He has spoken with Ga’za’rakh at great length regarding the problem as well as the history of the titan itself. We will be speaking with Lord Brevik regarding Ukko’s contract.

After a good conversation with Lord Brevik, he has brought Ukko’s contract to a premature conclusion, stating that his service has been the equivalent to a much longer time for a standard soldier. So, he is now free of his contract and we have asked him to join us in our quest.

We have also informed Lord Brevik of Ga’za’rakh’s suspicion of Ivan, the Lord’s secretary. His animosity, the motive and his access to the Lord’s schedule makes him an excellent candidate for the perpetrator.



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