The Touch of Prophecy

Session 22

Mists of Avarice

In the morning we arise to make our way on the next leg of our journey. We have hired a ship to take us across Lake Galifar – 3 gold per person and 1 gold per horse. The weather has been lovely for traveling. I have purchased papers to enter both Breland and Droam to make the journey easier. The usual traveling problems solved with a few coins.

We have departed the docks without much ado. The captain has asked us to wait below until they have pulled away so that we don’t get in the way. No one seemed perturbed by this idea, thankfully. Once we were safely at “sea”, we were allowed to come up on deck. The day is bright and pleasant. On the second day of our trip, the weather turned against us. A storm has blown in and we are being pushed toward an island that is covered in an unnatural mist. We had heard rumor of this island while we were in Varne. Shaelyn detected the mist has some sort of protective property to it, some ability to stop or slow time and it is unraveling. Ukko has detected a hunger from the island, the spirits hunger for something. The mist has engulfed the ship and all the wind has stopped, and so the boat is trapped.

We have decided to use the small boat and travel to the island, which seems to have invited us by revealing a large keep or fortress upon the cliffs. The captain has agreed to wait for us, not that he had much choice in the matter. When we reached the shore, we found a boat from which came several tracks. The tracks seemed to be of reptilian creatures -several smaller ones and two larger ones. One apparently had a serpentine body. There were also several individuals that wore boots – humans? After we found the temple, we discovered what the creatures were – serpentine humanoids, scaly skin and ridges along their skulls. They had no tails, however, so they were not lizard folk. They were apparently worshipers of the Devourer, one of the Six. One of them had spoken to me mentally when I scolded him for hissing at me. We fought one battle where the serpent men were able to call forth their god’s power to heal and strengthen them. One of the creatures threw a lever which caused some sort of rushing sound beyond the door. They all

In the next room, there were several snakes in a room filled with water. Two of them were flame snakes and two of them were constrictors. The battle went poorly – I was barely able to strike the beasts but 4 times in the course of the battle. My lack of talent (Destiny did not want me to steal Ukko’s thunder) prolonged the battle but we were eventually victorious. There is apparently some sort of beast lurking below the room which rises up to attack things that swim over its pit. We will avoid the pit as we go deeper into the temple. We must remember to search the serpent men in the first room before we go much further.



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