The Touch of Prophecy

Session 23

Devourer's Hunger

We have retreated and rested a moment to allow Shaelyn to transfer some of Ga’za’rakh’s reserves to Ukko. I have thrown the switch again and the water in the room beyond has begun to lower. Beyond that room another door leaves in the opposite direction. The amulet that I am carrying has suddenly come to life and has a great anticipation for whatever is behind that door. We briefly debated casting a Disenchant ritual upon it to gain the residuum. However, Ukko has heard a ritual happening behind the door so we had to take action immediately. Ukko suggested he break it and I agreed and held the amulet to the ground. Ukko smashed the object and the anticipation I felt has stopped. We rushed into the room beyond to discover a group of the snake people performing a ritual. We immediately set upon them to stop the ritual. Destiny has forced me to reserve my power from before so I could use it now. It is fortunate, for my power was instrumental in the defeat of the ritualist as well as fending off the huge crocodile that he called forth to try to eat us.

It was not to be, however. Ukko was swallowed by the creature, but we managed to continue to strike it with raw power and he was eventually able to cut his way out. I have searched the head ritualists and found a number of things. 210 gp, a wand of Phantom Bolt, an Elixir of Dragonbreath (Lightning), a rolled up scroll that is written in the language from the first room – fortunately Ga’za’rahk’s ritual allowed him to read the letter.

The letter speaks of these serpent people traveling to this place on the back of the Alligator to awaken the Stormhorn who will join the Conqueror to awaken the glory of Vor Rekoth for the glory of the 5 horned lady. Stormhorn is the statue in this room – a snake man petrified for many, many years. The Conquerer could be anyone, but we suspect it is a figure from history long lost. Vor Rekoth – no one seemed to know details about. The 5 Horned Lady is a godling named Tiamat – a raja, worshipped by the demon rakshasa.

Xantumal has had some crisis of personal faith – Shaelyn has looked at his scars and told him that he is old and has some sort of markings of many of the gods – Dol Arrah, Onatar, the Traveller and the Devourer. Apparently there are a number of beings within him fighting for supremacy. When he is close to things related to those beings, they tend to come out and exert themselves, however briefly.

I have gone up to the highest point I can find and signaled the ship with one of the torches and the ship is coming towards us. We have boarded the longship and headed out to the ship. The captain has thanked us for our service and I have asked him for a discount on our travel. He has refunded our travel fees. I will hand out the money – everyone is to receive 56 gold pieces.

I will explore Shana’s dreams tonight. I hope that she has some memory of the creatures we have met within the temple. Upon waking, I have fragments of memory of a place of hellish imagery. Black glass towers, skies of fire, etc. Also, there were creatures of draconic origin, lizard-like or dragon-like in nature, though humanoid. They were slaves and she delivered to them nightmares of crushed hope of never escaping. To me it felt as if these dreams were given before recorded history.

The next day we arrived in Xandrar, in Breland. The place is a much different city from Varne, dirtier and more crowded. We will stay within the walls at an inn called the Honeypot. Then I will head to the west to sell the greatswords and then attempt to acquire travel to Droam. We paid 5 silver for rooms (and 3 silver for an extra bed for Ukko). In the morning, I will sell the swords, and then seek out a ship to take us to Droam.



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