The Touch of Prophecy

Session 24

The Road to Droaam

From Xandrar we will be travelling across the river back into the Eldeen Reaches. We must acquire new papers to do so, but that is little problem. From there we will take the road towards Droaam. We will pass Erlaskar, Greenblade & Sylbaran – two of these being major outposts within Eldeen.

Ukko has given me 5 gold to pay for his lodging. I will make note of it as it diminishes so I will know when to ask him for more. We have travelled for several days, having passed through the towns that I have mentioned. Upon the road from Greenblade to Sylbaran we have encountered a wagon being led by two humans from House Deneith and dwarves from House Kundarak. They were apparently prison wagons travelling north towards Greenblade. We had no business with them so we cleared the road at their request. Xantumal seemed somewhat put out by having to clear the road – as if he would have dueled them for the right to stay on the road. Curious. We have found a camp for the night between the two towns. I will take the first watch and Ukko will take the second. Xantumal will take the third watch after attepting to force a 4 hour watch schedule on Ukko. I have stood my ground and taken the watch – he has presumed that he and Ukko, being men of the military, need less sleep than anyone else. I believe it is just male bravado.

We have reached Sylbaran by then end of day 3. There is a larger number of orcs and gobinoids here, and it has more stone architecture than the other towns we’ve seen so far. Shaelyn was kind enough to join me in seeking out information about any airships that may have passed by here. There was one airship that headed south about 6 days ago. It matches up with the time line we have in mind for Demise’s journey. They also saw it head north as well – again within the timeline we expect. We have taken a room in an inn for 7 silver again. The next day we passed through the gates on the southern side of the town. They have warned us that we were travelling into Droaam and we will be eaten, but I have paid them no heed. We approached a similar gate into Droaam where we were charged 3 gp each (2 per person, 1 per mount). We will head towards Graywall and then skirt the city to the south east towards Six Kings.

On our way, we have encountered a fire of some sort. It appears to be a wagon that has been pillaged. The pillaging group was a minotaur, several orcs and two gnolls. They challenged us and demanded that we pay a toll of 50 gold coins each. Of course, this angered the monstrous members of the party and Ga’za’rakh choose to challenge them. As expected, a fight ensued.

Gathered from the Minotaur’s band: Heavy Shield, Hide Armor, Battleaxe, Chain mail, light shield, kopesh, totem, battleaxe, longbow, 3 great axes, 6 hand axes, 407 sp, 53 gp, bracelet, necklace, small ivory box (dragon skull – 5 small gems (100gp each)), 3 small barrels (spices). We don’t know if they are magical or not. We will pack it all up and check again later. We have later discovered the Hide, the Totem and some gauntlets were magical. The Gauntlets are Gauntlets of Blood. The gauntlets bleed into demonic patterns. I wish these gauntlets to be destroyed. Such demonic influence is dangerous and should be removed from the world – it can only aid in the changing of the cycle. I wager that Xantumal will oppose me on this matter – but Ga’za’rakh seems to be handling the situation quite well. He has transferred the enchantment out of the gauntlets into another set of them. Because the demonic images did not reappear, I will not push the matter further.

We have seen the fortress of Turakbar off to the west, from there we will travel southeast, towards Six Kings. We camped in the wilds. Ga’za’rakh is performing some sort of ritual on the Blade of Ashurtah to look into its past. He has seen images of it being broken as well as being forged to fend off great horde of something. I didn’t catch exactly what. I’m sure he will clarify it at some point. I will sleep now, while the others watch. In the morning, I will give everyone 81 sp and 10 gp. (83 sp and 13 gold for me with 2 sp and 3 gp for party treasure). I have given Xantumal one of the gems because he demanded it. The others, I will sell for coin.

Also, Ukko has had some sort of vision from the primal spirits that say he should return to his village in the mountains. We must decide whether to head to Six Kings or to Greywall (city not the outpost) based on what we can detect from the blade. The Blade has show Ga’za’rakh that the blade’s job is not to detect the others. The Circlet’s job is. He believes the blade has told him that it is south – which is Six Kings.



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