The Touch of Prophecy

Session 25

Decisions, Decisions

We have continued on our journey towards Six Kings. We reached the Orien trade road and decided to cross it and head overland towards Six Kings instead of following the road. After a time, we came to an ancient road from the time of the Dakanni. There was an ancient guide post which Shaelyn has said points towards Six Kings toward the south. The road is nothing more than a trail now, but still – it is something to follow. The road has led us to the mountains and soon, the road has become a trail that abutts the mountain and falls aways to a stream. Ahead on the road, we have heard voices. A moment to listen has revealed that they are thugs attempting to question a goblin about where Six Kings is. We could not allow that to stand. Ukko and Ga’za’rakh approached them and the rest of us hid in the woods. They immediately reacted poorly to their presence and attacked them. There was some humorous banter here regarding the archer being “food” but my journaling skills cannot do it justice. A fight ensued.

The fight was short – several archers and two marshals. They fell quickly and easily – I have taken an archer prisoner, but he doesn’t seem to have any information for us. I will let him go after a short time. The goblin revealed himself. After some brusque questions from Ukko, he revealed that several groups of Emerald Claw were looking for Six Kings. He himself was coming from a pilgrimage from Six Kings where he gazed upon the kings to seek their approval. The goblin is an efficient liar – Shaelyn has puzzled out that he has in fact been to Riverweep. Perhaps as a seeker of the ashen crown. Ga’za’rakh had a long discussion with him about honor and the past. I assume it is something to do with the Dakani empire, but in reality, I’m not sure why he has suddenly become ‘friendly’. His name is Govann and he has given us an amulet that we might share with him or his people when we meet them again, so that we don’t attack each other. We seek the same goal apparently.

We have given the prisoner to Govann to escort out of Droaam. I suspect he will fall off a cliff on the way out of the mountains. I suspect this because Govann suggested this to me personally. We have looted the Claw members and took information from the prisoner before we sent him off with Govann. He has given us information about the forces that lay ahead.

We have moved on and approached to within 1/2 hour of where we believe the camp of the Emerald Claw. We will sneak up closer to the camp and then Ga’za’rakh will fly over the camp and give us information about what he can see. From his description, we made a plan to approach the camp from silence. We were partially successful but the necromancer noticed us and opened the fray. Fight ensued. Again the fight went well for us and the large group of Emerald Claw dwindled quickly with little damage on our part. We have saved the Captain and one of the marshalls so that we can question them. During the battle, the marshall and the captain seemed to recognize Shaelyn, referring to her as the Bride that ran away.

So for the travel so far, we have: Summoned Plate mail +2, halberd, 4 suits of scale, 6 suits of chain mail, 10 heavy shields, 10 flails, 6 leather armor, 6 short sword, 6 short bows, 55 arrows, Gold bracelet with 3 emeralds (250gp), 3 potion vials (Healing-2,Elixir of Will), 2 Fire Arrows, leather headband with small clear gem (headband of perception), ruby gem with eye in the center (Watchful Eye of Warding). 200 gp, Food for 130 days. So, I will hand out 40 gp per person and then (if we can carry all of this out of the mountains) I will sell off the materials.



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