• Ga'za'rakh


    A wise and calm orc druid with an appreciation for history and a devotion to destroying the unnatural, not to mention a love of beer.
  • Shalyn


    A quiet and modest young woman with a gift for healing and a respect for life.
  • Sorashana


    A fierce and forceful sorceress with a particular hatred for demons who hides her fire behind a mask of composure.
  • Ukkovigda


    A young minotaur with a checkered past and the power of primal fury at his command.
  • Xantumal Firecoil

    Xantumal Firecoil

    A heavily-scarred tiefling with a taste for pain and a dark past.
  • Akitaani


    A fiery and battle-eager goblin berserker. Part of a group of Kech Volaar who seek The Ashen Crown, she has become friends with Ukkovigda.
  • Blaze


    A sarcastic, whisper-challenged warforged arcanist studying at the Saruun Guildhouse.
  • Captain Kalaen

    Captain Kalaen

    A refined and educated Karrnathi soldier, a devoted member of the Order of the Emerald Claw connected to Shalyn's past, now a revenant after being slain by the party.
  • Chancellor Helvena

    Chancellor Helvena

    Chancellor of Riverweep, this matronly woman looks after the business of the Keep and runs it when the Reeve is not around.
  • Chandara


    Half-elven priestess of the Sovereign Host, mistress of the main temple of Riverweep keep.
  • Delan


    A pragmatic half-elven airship captain from House Lyrandar who is on the outs with his house, currently working for the Kech Volaar providing charter airship services with his oft-repaired vessel.
  • Dimitri d'Deneith

    Dimitri d'Deneith

    A well-meaning but sometimes bumbling artificer under a lot of pressure and family scrutiny.
  • Ekud Bronzeknuckle

    Ekud Bronzeknuckle

    An emaciated dwarven warlock of ill-favored mien who only whispers; apparently was involved with a Cult of the Dragon Below, before the heroes ended his life.
  • Govaan


    A stealthy and even-tempered goblin scout. A member of a Kech Volaar group in search of The Ashen Crown.
  • Guildmaster Killiran

    Guildmaster Killiran

    A dwarven wizard with white hair and beard, master of the Saruun Guildhouse in Riverweep.
  • Ivan d'Deneith

    Ivan d'Deneith

    A hard-edged, efficient soldier with a bitter grudge left over from the Last War.
  • Jaenus


    A reserved and mysterious elven wizard whose face is tattooed to resemble a skull.
  • Karrulia


    A cunning and manipulative Purple Dragon posing as a naive and flighty eladrin girl from Shae Loralyndar, studying temporarily in Riverweep.
  • Lady Dannae/Demise

    Lady Dannae/Demise

    A wealthy elven noblewoman from Aerenal by way of Sharn, and a collector of ancient elven treasures with a sinister agenda.
  • Lavinia


    A halfling hedge witch and herbalist who lives in the wilds a couple of hours outside the village of Riverweep.
  • Lieutenant Warrick

    Lieutenant Warrick

    A loyal soldier who clings to the knightly ideals of his order's origins despite its modern decay.
  • Lord Aric Blacktree

    Lord Aric Blacktree

    An Aundairan noble on a (no longer) secret mission in Riverweep: he seeks an ancient hobgoblin tomb hidden beneath the keep.
  • Lord Brevik d'Deneith

    Lord Brevik d'Deneith

    A heavily-armored, military man with the first hints of gray in his hair and the fine scars of extensive sword experience.
  • Malak


    A mysterious, red-haired human originally from Riedra and now lurking in Riverweep. A known demon-summoner, he wishes Sorashana dead and seems to have established ties to a local Cult of the Dragon Below.
  • Morgos


    Hobgoblin priest of the Sovereign Host, keeper of a small but active temple in the main village area, outside of Riverweep Keep.
  • Murdaak


    A gruff and violent hobgoblin war wizard with a deep appreciation for enemy bloodshed. A member of the Kech Volaar group seeking The Ashen Crown.
  • Professor Nephret

    Professor Nephret

    A garrulous but somewhat gullible scholar of ancient history from Morgrave University in Sharn.
  • Rahm


    A changeling in the service of the King of Breland who posed as Tikuulti, a hobgoblin member of the Kech Volaar. He has a disturbingly pragmatic approach to making sure the people he impersonates don't accidentally show up unexpectedly.
  • Reeve Gerard

    Reeve Gerard

    A no-nonsense country boy elevated to a position of authority after a successful career in the Last War.
  • The Whisperer

    The Whisperer

    An unknown quantity, but spoken of in a Prophecy verse as a treacherous individual involved in the inagural events of the campaign.
  • Tikulti


    A charismatic and capable hobgoblin warrior, extremely tough and armed with a jeweled rapier. A member of the Kech Volaar group seeking The Ashen Crown.
  • Virien


    A pragmatic elven archer always dressed for a quick foray into the woods. Quiet and focused, his hands never stray far from his bowstring.
  • Warlord Damovar

    Warlord Damovar

    Lord Marshall of Atur and keeper of the Vaults of the Dead, this dark (and likely undead) figure is apparently Shalyn's unremembered betrothed.
  • Yeraa


    A passionate and dutiful dirge singer from Darguun, this hobgoblin woman leads a group of Kech Volaar who seek The Ashen Crown. Though initially reluctant to trust the PCs, she has declared herself their ally.