A sarcastic, whisper-challenged warforged arcanist studying at the Saruun Guildhouse.


Blaze has now claimed to have been working for a master. This nameless master communicated with Blaze via an amulet. It was this Master who has apparently manipulated events so as to test the party, or so Blaze speculates.

Blaze is guilty of having sent his shape-shifting familiar to the dungeons to destroy the corpse of the boy who was once a bullywug. He is also responsible for placing a trap upon the Guild Master’s door which cast an illusion upon the party presenting us as rakshasa to the Guild Master.

As a side note, since the Master prepared the ritual scroll for this, that suggests that the Master is familiar enough with rakshasa to cast a convincing illusion of them. This supposes that the illusionary form was part of the scroll used and not plucked from the target’s mind.

Blaze is also guilty of having the druids after Sorashanna.


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