A reserved and mysterious elven wizard whose face is tattooed to resemble a skull.


Jaenus has been in Riverweep for a couple of weeks, in the company of Virien, an elven archer. The two provided a small amount of assistance to the party when they were assaulted by demons in the common room of The Stumbling Giant. Private and reserved, he seemed somewhat sinister as he went about his business very quietly, always hiding his face behind a heavy hood.

The party confronted him when they learned that he was spending a lot of time making subtle inquiries in the town (at least in part about them). Seeing his face for the first time, they saw the strange tattoos he bears that makes his face resemble a skull and learned that he is from Aerenal, a worshiper of their ancestor-revering religion.

Shortly after that confrontation, some of the party observed Jaenus sending a lengthy message via the sending stone at the small House Sivis office in Riverweep. Though they were never able to learn the exact contents of that message, an airship from Sharn arrived a week later bearing a noble elven lady (Lady Dannae) from that city. When the noblewoman approached the party later that day, Jaenus was in her company and obviously in service to her. He departed Riverweep with her when she departed the town in haste.


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