Lady Dannae/Demise

A wealthy elven noblewoman from Aerenal by way of Sharn, and a collector of ancient elven treasures with a sinister agenda.


Lady Dannae arrived in Riverweep in a chartered airship, noble benefactor to Professor Nephret, who arrived on the same ship. She presented herself as a collector of ancient elven treasures and offered the heroes the sum of 7500 gp for the Blade of Ashurta, which they refused. Urbane and polite even in the face of the heroes’ rude treatment of her, she invited them to dinner at the villa she was renting from the House Vadalis enclave outside of town, then set an ambush for them at the villa while she left Riverweep in haste on her chartered airship.

Clues left behind by Professor Nephret revealed that Lady Dannae is also known as Demise, a mysterious schemer who is a member of the Order of the Emerald Claw. Why she ambushed the party remains a mystery at this time, as do her reasons for wanting the Blade of Ashurta.

Having tricked the party into believing she wanted to buy our artifact, she became their nemesis. After a race across the continent to gather the rest of the Ashen Crown before her, she ambushed the party in the Tomb of Ashurta where she was defeated and her bones scattered to the four elements. Dead, dead, dead.

Lady Dannae/Demise

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