Lieutenant Warrick

A loyal soldier who clings to the knightly ideals of his order's origins despite its modern decay.


Lieutenant Warrick is an officer in the Order of the Emerald Claw, and he led a band of the Order’s forces in secret near Riverweep. His orders were to find a way into the ancient tombs beneath the keep, to recover any treasures or evidence that remained there after the party had removed the Blade of Ashurta.

The party ambushed his forces as they were leaving the area following the party’s confrontation with the unpleasant surprise Lady Dannae had left for them. They captured and interrogated Warrick, during which they learned that though he was a loyal soldier of the Order, he despised certain elements of it (such as Lady Dannae/Demise), hated the fact that it had fallen so far from the ideals upon which it was founded, and felt betrayed by King Kaius for his exile of the Order from its place of sanction in Karrnath. The party ultimately decided to release him on his oath that he would leave the area and not return to trouble Riverweep ever again.

Lieutenant Warrick

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