Lord Brevik d'Deneith

A heavily-armored, military man with the first hints of gray in his hair and the fine scars of extensive sword experience.


Lord Brevik is a highly-placed member of House Deneith, originally from Karrnath and trained in Karrlakton, now traveling extensively through the western part of Khorvaire attending to House business. The party was able to arrange an audience with him while he was in residence at the House enclave in Varna, during which they sought his permission to buy the remainder of Ukko’s contract. (His name is listed on the contract with an indication that it can only be sold or transferred with his personal approval.)

During the party’s visit to the enclave, a badly battered warforged titan that was kept on display escaped from its arcane bindings and tried to kill Ukko. The party fought back, and their efforts were aided by Lord Brevik, who demonstrated an ability to coordinate the actions of his men and inspire additional effort on their part; he is clearly a man who earned his position via merit as well as blood.

After a lengthy discussion with Shalyn and Sorashana about their experiences working with and fighting alonside Ukko for the past weeks, Lord Brevik decided to absolve Ukko of any remaining responsibility to the House, saying that he had earned an early release by virtue of his superior service. He invited Ukko to re-sign with the House if he wanted, an offer which Ukko politely refused.

Afterward, Ga’za’rakh reviewed what he knew of the history of House Deneith and realized that Lord Brevik is brother to Lord Breven, the Baron of House Deneith, and definitely a powerful friend to have.

Lord Brevik d'Deneith

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