Professor Nephret

A garrulous but somewhat gullible scholar of ancient history from Morgrave University in Sharn.


A friend of Morgos, Professor Nephret came to Riverweep at the hobgoblin cleric’s invitation to speak with the party about the Blade of Ashurta and the Ashen Crown. She provided some information and suggested that the party’s best course of action for learning more about the Crown (and possibly finding more pieces of it) was to seek out the ruins of Six Kings, an ancient Dhakaani citadel at the northern end of the Graywall Mountains.

Later, Professor Nephret was kidnapped by Lady Dannae — her supposed noble benefactor — when the elven noblewoman quickly departed the Riverweep area, and her current whereabouts are unknown. She left behind a memory shard hidden in her villa which the party found, providing clues that Lady Dannae is actually a mysterious woman named Demise and that she is a member of the Order of the Emerald Claw.

Professor Nephret

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