The Touch of Prophecy

Session 5: Return to Riverweep

Having survived the ambush of the Ashbound fanatics, the party discusses the possible meaning of the ambush and wonder about the identity of the person who signed the note they found on the druid who led the attack. Thinking about who knew where they were going, they conclude that there are two main possibilities—either someone in the Reeve’s household is responsible, or it’s someone at the arcane guildhouse (the latter is a possibility because the guild sent Sorashana to the Reeve in the first place).

Further discussion with Lord Blacktree en route earns the party little more information, as he sticks to his story about studying at Arcanix and wanting to find the Staff of Earthen Might to impress his teachers. Both Shalyn and Sorashana remain convinced that there is more to his story that he’s not sharing.

Upon returning to the village, the party and Lord Blacktree meet with the Reeve to discuss the adventure—the successful retrieval of Lord Blacktree means avoiding political tensions with Aundair, but the lord’s motivations are somewhat suspect and it turns out that his identification papers are illusory. Since Blacktree has no proof of who he is (except for the one guardsman-turned-bullywug that the party captured but has not been able to fix yet), the party convinces the Reeve to detain him under house arrest in the keep until the matter can be properly settled. The Reeve agrees, and Lord Blacktree is taken away to chambers under guard.

Then, the party discusses with the Reeve the fact that they were set up—someone was waiting to ambush them on their way back. The Reeve claims to know nothing of this or the identity of the person who signed the note they find, and the party believes him. There is enough evidence to suggest that something sinister is going on at the arcane guildhouse, however, so the Reeve agrees to “request” that the guild master come to the keep for dinner the next night, and invites the PCs to join them as well, so that they can all get to the bottom of things.

Afterward, Shalyn goes out among the poorer parts of the village to use her healing skills to tend to people who need such help, and Ukkovigda goes with her to keep her safe. The rest of the party takes their ease in the common room of The Stumbling Giant for drinks, discussing the events of the past couple of days and getting to know each other a little better.

As Shalyn and Ukkovigda return, they see a flash of ruddy light and smell sulfur, as a group of demons appear out of thin air and charge into The Stumbling Giant! They rush forward to help as the demons rush into the common room, shouting for Sorashana and trying to kill her.

[TO BE CONTINUED – battle ensues, secrets are revealed, and alleged Aundairan nobles are tortured for more information…]

Session 4: After Closing the Rift

After being marked by the blast of energy from the Prophecy Mark, the party carefully studies the pattern and is able to discern some meaning in the form of a Prophecy verse:

Five seal the breach of The Whisperer’s treachery, setting foot upon the path of the Champion and the road to the Storm Wyrm’s end.

The party is careful to discuss this only telepathically, through Sorashana’s telepathic ability, so as to keep the meaning hidden from Lord Blacktree, but they come to no conclusion about its meaning.

Further exploration of the ruin locates a secret door through which a mostly-ruined lab is found—though its animated statue guardians and magical crossbow traps are still very much active. The party defeats the guardians after a difficult battle and are able to salvage a number of ritual books and ritual components from the lab.

Returning to Riverweep, the party is accosted by what appears to be a lone shifter in the woods, but who is actually part of a larger group of Ashbound fanatics who are waiting in ambush. Despite attempts at diplomacy and reason, the Ashbound are intent upon their purpose—the deaths of the arcane casters in the party. The party defeats the Ashbound, but leave two of them alive, including their druid leader, with a warning against continuing upon their foolish quest. Searching the fallen druid, the party finds a letter from someone in town, telling the Ashbound where and when to expect the party to be traveling. It seems our heroes have been set up…

Session 3: The Rescued Lord

Super-short summary:

Our heroes chat with Lord Blacktree to learn more about his reasons for sneaking into Riverweep and coming to these ruins. His story seems flimsy, and Shalyn sees through it (not to mention she’s horrified at his casual attitude toward the deaths of his men). But, the party decides to go along with the story for the time being, in the hopes of learning more and possibly thwarting his plans (whatever they are) later.

He hires them to keep searching the ruins for the staff he seeks.

The party locates the chamber where the staff is, but it has somehow been used to create a tiny portal to the Elemental Chaos, and they have to defeat the mud demon and mud elementals that have come through while also trying to seal the breach and safely extract the staff.

Miraculously, the party accomplishes these goals, but when the staff is removed, a blast of energy reveals that a Prophecy Mark is beneath the pool of mud in the far end of the chamber—the energy lashes out and touches all five of our heroes, leaving on each a tiny replica of the full-sized mark.

Session 2: Bullywug Trouble

Having swiftly dispatching the bullywug guards whom they failed to surprise, our heroes descend into the chambers beneath the ruined tower as Ukkovigda charges deeper into the ruin in the midst of his rage. They discover fragmented remains of an ancient arcane library and/or laboratory coated with mud and muck and reeking of the deep swamp. More bullywug guards hold a fortified position at the bottom of a short flight of stone stairs, but although the creatures try to lure the party into a sucking mire in the center of the chamber, our heroes nimbly avoid the trap and dispatch the foul frog-men.

Listening at the door to the next chamber, our heroes hear a rhythmic chanting that sounds like a ritual in progress. Shalyn concludes that the ritual is a lengthy one and that the party has time to catch their breath and restore some measure of their strength.

When the party hears the chanting begin to pick up in speed and volume, they realize the critical time has come, and they burst into the chamber to find that the ritual is being performed by a bullwug wizard of some kind, and that the subject of the ritual is the very nobleman they were sent to rescue. It turns out that the bullywugs have summoned a minor demon and are performing a ritual to infuse its demonic energy into the nobleman and transform him into a bullywug!

The party has a difficult battle, but Ga’za’rakh is able to manipulate the arcane energies and unravel some of the bullywug wizard’s work and give the heroes more time to save the nobleman. They are finally able to overcome their foes, put an end to the ritual and prevent the nobleman from being transformed into a bullywug—a most terrible fate indeed.

Session 1: A New Story Begins

Reeve Gerard assembles the heroes and hires them to help him out with a small problem—Lord Aric Blacktree, an Aundairan nobleman, has snuck across the border into the Reaches and was last seen in Riverweep before heading out into the wilderness and getting himself ambushed and captured by bullywugs.

The PCs are to find him and bring him back alive, if possible, to avoid giving Aundair any pretense to increase border forces and possibly invade. The PCs should kill as many bullywugs as possible, since they’re an evil danger and a threat to the village and outlying areas.

Following directions given by a local guide, the PCs head toward a ruined tower in a swampy section of the Riverwood to the northwest of the village. En route, they help a local hedge witch deal with an infestation of stirges and giant frogs. At about sunset, the PCs reach the ruined tower and attempt to sneak up on the bullywug camp. Despite careful preparation, however, it turns out that stealth is really not the party’s strong suit. The bullywugs cry out an alarm and battle ensues, but our heroes are at least able to finish them off before they warn any other bullywugs in the area.

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