It is the Spring of 999 YK

…and a hundred years of war have but recently come to an end. It is two and a half years after the signing of the treaty that ended the Last War. It is a time for healing old wounds, a time of opportunity. Time for a new world order and a new era of peace — or so the chronicles would have us believe.

More cynical folks say that the war’s not over, that the nations are consumed by a shadow war, a war of posturing and espionage, border skirmishes and sabotage. They say that the nations are just jockeying for position, getting ready to strike first and strongest when war inevitably breaks out again.

In a village (some say small town) called Riverweep, on the easternmost edge of the Eldeen Reaches, the tension of possible hostilities is a fact of daily life, for the kingdom of Aundair is literally a stone’s throw away, on the other side of the Wynarn River on whose banks the village stands. And the queen of Aundair gazes greedily at the vast tracts of fertile lands that were once hers, hoping (some say scheming) for an excuse to invade and reclaim them.

But while the possibility of war’s return consumes the attention of king and commoner alike, other forces stir in the darkness, preparing to rise once more and seize what has been so long denied them…

Drawn to this place by chance, fate or the weaving of the Draconic Prophecy, five disparate individuals are assembled into an unlikely team by the village reeve, who would really rather just raise his horses and enjoy his beer. But when the Prophecy itself marks these five, a great saga begins to unfold.

The Heroes

Ga’za’rakh, a Reacher orc of the Gatekeeper tradition

Shalyn, a human woman from Karrnath

Sorashana, a kalashtar woman recently arrived from Adar

Ukkovigda, a minotaur from the mountains of Droaam

Xantumal, a tiefling most recently from Sharn

The Villains (so far)

Lord Blacktree, a human nobleman (alleged) of Aundair

Malak, a mysterious Riedran with a taste for summoning demons

Ekud, a dwarven warlock and dark cultist

Blaze, a warforged wizard with dark ambitions

Lady Dannae, an elven noblewoman and member of the Order of the Emerald Claw

The Whisperer, an unknown quantity, spoken of in a Prophecy verse

The Touch of Prophecy

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