The Touch of Prophecy

6/7/2010: Session 6:

Interview with a Guildmaster

In an effort to help Roger, I am including all of Sorashana’s journal entries. Here’s the next one from 6/7.

Tonight, we have dinner with the Reeve and the Guildmaster. His name is Killian, a dwarf with white hair with a shock of blue on both his head and in his beard. The Reeve was unable to attend the meeting and so the chancellor issued us a deputizing statement to conduct the interview.

Ekud has been a member for approximately a year. He is from the Mror Holds, making him a dwarf. Malak has been within the halls of the guild, according to the Warforged. He was in the company of Ekud. The other companion (the eladrin Karullia) overheard a conversation between Ekud and another whispering voice. Apparently coming from his own lips. He spoke of Malak bringing a suitable sacrifice for his masters. I would wager that he is speaking of the sword.

Ekud is a scrawny, bald dwarf. Tattoos on his head to look like dragonmarks. Karullia also told us that she was to deliver something for Ekud to a building in a village. We are investigating this building even now.

Within the building we found two ‘dolgaunts’ and two dead bodies (local laborers). We slew the dolgaunts and Shaelyn said the bodies were exsanguinated at a single puncture wound to the back of their necks.

Within some notes there are names of people who might have made possible offerings. Also there is an amulet of abstract geometric pattern around a black stone. It is not magical that I nor Gah’za’rak can detect.

There was also a Portal in the back room of the house. We are not sure where it leads to but in an effort to keep anything from coming through it, we have collapsed part of the house on top of it.

We followed some tracks from the building and they ended up meeting up with Ekud. We continued to follow Ekud’s tracks (as the others led back to the house we had collapsed upon the portal). Ekud returned to keep and attempted to free the Lord Blacktree. We intercepted them before they got far and killed them both. It was an error to have killed Lord Blacktree and I would have liked to have question Ekud, but alas, it is done and even Shaelyn cannot help them now. Upon searching them, we found on Ekud: A nearly identical amulet as the one in the house (magical) A Blackened bone rod (magical) A Pair of Daggers (non-magical)


Hey Scotty – thanks for picking up with the adventure log entries! I’ve been swamped between work and rehearsals for the show. I sat down to do some writing tonight, and behold! The journal is caught up. Thanks very much! (Now I can spend time on the wiki page…)

6/7/2010: Session 6:

Well, I can only give you what I wrote from Sorashana’s perspective. I encourage everyone else to write thing that I missed in the comments. In fact, I’m going to email the list to suggest it.

6/7/2010: Session 6:

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