The Touch of Prophecy

Session 10

Corruption of the Kruthik

This morning we are being led to the secret entrance to the keep by a man named Benton. The opening he leads us to is narrow and leads to a small cave with a bit of a water running through it.

We have travelled deeply within the tunnels, encountering a few more aberrant kuthrik. As we passed deeper we encountered a group of dolgrim and a dolgarr (names supplied by Ga’za’rakh). They gave us a strong opposition, but we eventually overcame them. They were covering kuthrik eggs in a strange slime-like liquid, which was converting them into aberrations.

From there, a tunnel opened up that went deeper into the earth. We found this as we chased one that was running away. He didn’t escape Ukko’s swift feet. The tunnel seems to have been converted to flesh. It is spongy to walk upon and rebounds when the pressure is removed. Ga’za’rakh suggests this may be a manifestation of Xoriat, the attention of a Great Madness Being or a piece of powerful Daelkyr magic within the area causing that change.

If we need to flee the area, Kento’rakh is Gaz’a’rakh’s teacher. She is the one that I should inform, should we fail against the Madness down the tunnel beyond. After we rest, we will travel deeper into the flesh tunnel.



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