The Touch of Prophecy

Session 7

To Find a Sword

We have slain Ekuud and the man who claimed to be Lord Blacktree. We have taken Ekud to the dungeons for further examination. Within his throat there was a Symbiont – a magical item/creature granted to favored servants of the Dalkyr (lords of madness). It attempted to escape, but we destroyed it.

The Guildmaster has come at our request and having found some notes is giving us information. Apparently Ekud is serving a creature called the Prince of the Dark, perhaps the one that he referred to as his Master. He was also seeking the Bayeshk blade, the one hidden beneath the keep.

Early the next morning we will be going into the depths of the keep to find the tomb.

We have found the tomb. Apparently there were some goblins here already. They penetrated the outer hidden door, but they were killed by the Kruthrik which infested the next room. We were unable to pass through the room without alerting them to our presence. However, they were easily defeated and the stench of their dead will keep away the others for a time. In that time I have used the staff to open the door (several times). The door closes when I remove the staff and so it appears there must be another way out. According to Gah’za’rahk, the Hobgoblin Warlord would create a passage out so that those who were worthy could get out. This suggests to me that there is another way out.

11 gold pieces, small potion, leather bound book, 4 short swords, 3 daggers, 9 shuriken – these are the items we found on the Goblins.

At the end of the passageway we found a room with some sort of “puzzle”. The floor tiles have goblin words written upon them. They are in a pattern: OPEN HELL UNLOCK TODAY SOUTH RIGHT RELEASE DOWN NORTH FIRE HAND LEFT EAST DOOR RAGE UP

This is what you would see as you came into the room. There are two Braziers on the North Wall and a Demon Statue on the South Wall. The Demon Statue has another brazier next to him. There is a Door on the East wall.



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