The Touch of Prophecy

Session 8

Beyond the Puzzle

The solution to the puzzle seemed to be to step on Open Right Hand Down in order. Once that was done the demon statue sunk into the floor and revealed a passageway. This may be the safe passageway. We can hear Kruthik burrowing through the ground on the sides of the passageway.

This passageway led to the tomb of Ashurta where Ga’za’rakh challenged him for the right to bear the blade. Ashurta fought well along with his wights and zombie hobgoblins, but they were eventually defeated by the radiant light of our power. He then spoke in Goblin about something, but I was not able to make it out. It is a curiousity – I wonder if spirits can hear my mental call.

Ukko has told me what Ashurta has said. He claimed that we could claim the blade, which is apparently a chain now. He also said that the rest of the “crown” would be about the Dakani Empire and they should be gathered.

Coin treasure has been divided up between the party members. I will sell the gems when we return to town.

On the way out, we were harried by Kruthik again. An aberrant kruthik appeared and we were forced to slay it. Now, we will return to the surface.



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