The Touch of Prophecy

Session 9

Keeping Up

We have returned to the town and spoken with the Reeve and informed him of the Kruthik problem. He has offered to hire us to rid the town of the kruthik aberration problem. We have agreed and he has departed.

Xantumal has brought up some mental problem of his – he has been blacking out during his time with us. There are many theories, but my belief is that his demonic soul may be affecting his mind. I hope he doesn’t ask me to delve into his mind and discover his secrets. I have little interest in entering the his mind. Though, on the other hand, having access to the demon mind (outside of the true demon) may give me valuable informating in fighting them. I would include Malak in “them”. For now, however, I have taken leave from them to sell our additional items that we have found.

Today I am selling 4 short swords (2 gp each = 8), 3 daggers(2 sp each = 6 sp), 9 shuriken (2 sp for 5 = 2 sp), 2 polished garnets (150 gp each = 300 gp) and 8 amber gems (20 gp each = 160 gp). The total value is 468 gp and 8 sp. I will divide that up between the 5 of us, giving us each 93 gp (3 left over) and 1 sp (2 left over). I will keep the silver for the good of the party. So 3 gp and 8 sp to the party fund.

I am being followed. Someone is watching me on the streets of the keep. I am wary, but I wonder if those eyes are another Kalashtar, since I can sense them.

Because of transfer enchantments – Xantumal will be receiving 28 gp, Shalyn also. All others will receive 58 gp. I have purchased the Transfer Enchantment ritual for either Ga’zah’rakh or Shalyn to learn.

We travelled to the temple of the Soveriegn Host near the village to speak with the priest named Morgos. He has given us some information about the Ashen Crown. It was an elven artifact called the Crown of Remembrance. It was broken up into several pieces – 2 orbs, a bayeshk blade, a mithril cord and a circlet. These pieces were used to combat the Dalkyr. If reassembled it can be used to raised the heroes of old from the dead. Once one object is recovered, it can be used to direct the wielder to the others. The objects that make up the Crown are: Ashurta’s Blade, Lortan’s Cord, Zerani’s Solitair, Morkarak’s Orb & Karuk’s Circlet. Other than that, he was simply a well spoken and well informed priest.

He also spoke of two clans – the Ketch-Volar, the wordbearers. They are devoted to reassembling history to reclaim the legacy of Valar. The Ketch-shalat – they are devoted to slaying those who would capture these artifacts so that they can return them to the Dakani empire.

It turns out that there was a familiar watching us. So, some arcanist has his eye upon us. It may be that wizard that we saw in the bar and then I saw him again in the Guild House.



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